FOURROSESBARRELLAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (October 12, 2009) – Four Roses has launched its Private Selection – acustomized barrel selection program offering spirits retailers the option of sampling a variety of recipes in choosing a one-of-a-kind single barrel bourbon to stock on their shelves or bar back.

Four Roses is the only bourbon distillery that combines five proprietary yeast strains with two separate mashbills to produce 10 distinct bourbon recipes, each with unique characteristics.  Currently, retailers may select from eight recipes, aged between eight and 10 years, as part of the Four Roses Private Selection program. Existing barrel inventories of two Four Roses recipes have not yet aged the program’s minimum of eight years.

With the range of recipes and ages available, spirits retailers have the opportunity to stock a bourbon that has never before been bottled for distribution in America.

Four Roses invites retailers interested in selecting their own barrel to visit the warehouses and bottling facilities in Cox’s Creek, Ky.  Hall of Fame Master Distiller Jim Rutledge often leads participants through a sampling process to help determine their preferred taste profile.

“It’s always fascinating to sample the different recipes with retailers, because a particular barrel that I may think is remarkable may not be someone else’s favorite,” Rutledge said.  “With bourbon, it’s all about personal preference, and with Four Roses’ 10 recipes, we are really able to offer an incredibly wide range of options.”

Once a retailer selects a barrel, Four Roses will bottle the bourbon at barrel strength – uncut and not chill filtered.  Restaurants, bars and spirits retailers may have their name and logo added to a customized bottle label.  Each barrel produces between 25 and 40 six-bottle cases.

Retailers in Kentucky, California, Tennessee, Illinois and New York have already participated in the Private Selection program.

For more information on Four Roses’ Private Selection Program, visit or call the distillery at (502) 839-3436.